Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Stop and Smell the Cookies!

Having RA has definitely taught me how to adjust my life. Today there were so many things I had to get done. I had piles of laundry that needed to get done, trash that needed to be taken out, groceries that needed to be bought, but I have such a hard time doing all these things by myself. So, since J was at work I thought I should do something fun with my daughter "Muffin". It's Christmas time, and this year I vowed to do all things Christmasy. So, I decided to bake COOKIES! Baking is something that I never really enjoyed pre-RA, but now I love it because it's something that my daughter and I can do together while I am sitting. Standing for a long time is really hard for me to do. So, I sat in the office chair that has wheels and wheeled around the kitchen baking Toll House cookies the whole afternoon. Muffin LOVES the mommy time and I love seeing her face when the oven bell tells us the cookies are done. Adjusting is something that I had to accept. I think the first year after my diagnosis I was in serious denial about how life for my family and I would change. I remember one time in particular I decided I was going to clean out the refrigerator. I was bound and determined to get this job done no matter how much it hurt. Cut to 15 minutes later...there I was sitting on a bench crying out of frustration that I was too tired to finish. As I sat there in the kitchen I realized. Things had to change. I was going to have to tweak the way I went about doing things. So, I started waiting until late afternoon to do chores. I also would sit and rest every half hour or so for ten to fifteen minutes. It took me forever to get things done, but at least I was able to feel like I accomplished something! I'm two years into having RA, and I'd have to say I still have my days. I still need a lot of help, but I have found my balance. If you have to give up things you used to be able to do; rest assured that after you have a good cry... there are other things that you can find joy in doing. Like waiting for the oven bell to ring... "ding!"

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