Friday, June 14, 2013

Absolutely Positively Fed Up

Just to inform you dear reader, this post is going to be nothing but a huge rant. This morning I called RX Crossroads pharmacy to get my Enbrel shot prescription refilled. After waiting on the phone for what seemed like forever, I finally got to speak to a representative. She told me she could not refill my prescription. So, she connected me to The Encourage Foundation who kindly pays for my prescription because I can not afford a thousand dollar shot every week. So I get on with this woman who explains to me that my application has been temporarily discontinued because they want me to apply for Medicaid and basically prove that I am denied coverage from them. This is the part that makes me FURIOUS!!!!!!!! They took away my coverage, and didn't notify me AT ALL! They "said" they sent me a letter in the mail informing me of the change in my application, but they DID NOT. I have NEVER received anything from this Encourage Foundation. I never even got anything when I was approved for a year of coverage when I applied this last November. I had to call them and ask if I was approved after waiting a month only to find out I had been approved two weeks prior to me calling. J checks the mail EVERYDAY and we are super organized. We keep everything that has to deal with my health in a folder. It just makes me so mad that they can approve me for a year and then take it away just like that. I mean I need that medication. I just don't understand why a "Foundation" who is supposed to be helping people like me, goes out of their way to make life a living hell.

On the other hand, I am very thankful for the opportunity that I have to get my shot paid for. I don't want to come off like I am not grateful because I am. I just hate it when you get on the phone with these people and they treat you like a liar. This whole experience with Medicaid, Disability, The Encourage Foundation, and the "Doctor" I saw for Disability, have really been heart breaking for me. In my experience, talking and dealing with these people, I have found to be treated like I'm a free loader, liar, and trying to get something for nothing. It really cuts me to the core because I am NOT one of those people. There are people out there that want to abuse the system, and are liars out to get anything for nothing. It really ruins things for people like me who really genuinely and desperately need help. I never thought I'd be someone who would need to beg. If I could go to work and hold a job like a normal person I would be so happy! I would give ANYTHING to be a normal functional person. There is not one little ounce of me that wants to be sick, and I don't think these organizations realize that. I am so sick of being treated like a common criminal. It is really eating me alive. I am really hurt, and it is hard to be constantly beaten down and analyzed at every turn. Oh how I wish I wasn't sick! I HATE jumping through ridiculous hoops!

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