Tuesday, May 21, 2013

RA Tip Tuesday

So I decided to make Tuesdays a good tip day because there are so many things I've come across that have made my life easier...well maybe not easier but definitely more comfortable! I love seeing what kinds of things help other people with RA, and some of their ideas have helped me. So, I thought I'd give back, and maybe help someone else.
The first thing is called a bed or pillow wedge. J got me two of these from Bed Bath and Beyond. I believe they are about $40 each. Let me tell you, they are money well spent. I use these everyday and night. They can be used in different positions too. I have issues with my knees. So, I love to prop them up and shove one of those wedges under my knees. It takes the pressure off and helps control my swelling.
The next thing that I use everyday is a nice big king sized fluffy comforter. Even if your bed isn't that big, I think the bigger the blanket the better. I like to tuck and shove the blanket under my feet and arms for extra support. The more fluff the better when your trying to get your body to relax. I got my comforter at Ikea for around $40 as well. I can't sleep without it!

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