Monday, May 13, 2013

Tender Mercies

It was Mother's Day today. It was 5:00am., and Muffin crawled into our bed. I usually let her fall asleep again then nudge J to take her back to her bed, but she nuzzled right up to me. In that moment it dawned on me it was Mother's Day. I was flooded with overwhelming thankfulness for this precious child my Father in Heaven trusted me with. So I nuzzled right back and we fell asleep all together... MY little family. I woke up (after J let me sleep in) to balloons and two pink cards lying beside me. One was from Muffin, and one from J. Perfection. The whole day I was free from RA. I was able to just be. I was still confined to my bed, but J and Muffin made me forget. We just enjoyed each other. I love days like this. These days are tiny little tender mercies that I know are from The Lord himself. A day to rest from this trial; to regain my emotional and spiritual strength so I may endure the hard days ahead.

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