Sunday, August 11, 2013

Doctor Visit Update

This last week I was able to go see the Orthopedic Surgeon. It was a pretty eye opening situation to say the least. On the way to the appointment I couldn't help but think of everything it took to get to this point. My husband did a lot of the work for me when it came to getting me some insurance. I was thinking of all the trips to the Social Security office he made. A lot of those trips were at the butt crack of dawn too so he could ensure a good spot in line. There were endless phone calls, research, and talking to people who could give us any ounce of insight into this Disability world. He worked so  so hard. There were prayers said on our behalf, there was a lot of crying on my part, and begging my Heavenly Father for the chance to see a doctor. So after all of that... FINALLY going was a little surreal.
The butterfly's in my stomach decided to show up as we pulled into the Docs parking lot. "This is it!" I said, as I sat in my wheelchair. We went in, and we were blown away at this place. The office was super fancy, and seemed to run efficiently. After signing in, we were promptly called back. The nurse took my blood pressure then after a brief look at my x-rays told us I needed new ones. So I was wheeled back to get some new pics of these bad knees. The lady who took them was super nice, and let Jason come back to help me get into the right positions needed for the x-rays. It hurt a bit, but it wasn't near as bad as the other place that I went to last time. This office seemed to have better equipment, and much more room which makes it a lot easier on patients. Following the x-rays I was wheeled back into the exam room. Jason and I were surprised when the nurse was able to pull the x-rays right up on the computer. It was so obvious that my knees were bad. The x-rays were showing some bone on bone action.
After waiting for what seemed like forever, the Doctor came in. He looked at the x-rays, and make a disapproving sigh and began telling us his thoughts. He said that he could clearly see RA in both my knees. He said that there wasn't much he could do to help me though since I was still to young to have knee replacements done. He explained 4 different surgeries that could be done, but he doesn't recommend doing them because I was too young and would need another replacement too early in my life. So he was basically saying he'd be subjecting me to a lot of pain later in life to save my knees now, and he didn't see how that would be beneficial to my health.
So that was basically what he was saying. I'm not sure though that I totally agree there isn't anything he could do to help me. I mean what am I supposed to do for the next ten years? Lay here? So, Im sure he is a good doctor, but I think I will be getting a second opinion. I want to LIVE my LIFE, and what ever I need to do to get walking, Im going to do. Back to researching Doctors!

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