Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Look What I Did (With RA) Wednesday

So I didn't post a project last Wednesday because it took me 2 week to finish this one! Ha! My hands are next to useless most of the time. So, when I tied all those ribbons on those flip flops (or Flippy Floppies as Muffin calls them) it was no small feat! So a couple weeks ago we signed Muffin up for Soccer, and man does she love it! Her team colors are pink and purple, and she always complains after practice about her feet being hot. So, I decided to make these cute Soccer Flippy Floppies for her to wear after her soccer practice and games. If u want to make them too here is the info!

Here's what you'll need: 
4 different colors or patterns of ribbon (skinny ribbon works best but you can use what u like)
1 pair of flip flops
2 decorative buttons
Glue gun and glue stick
A lighter or something to burn the ribbon edges so they don't fray

 Step 1: cut all your ribbons in 4in strips. I used about 6 4in strips of each kind of ribbon for each shoe.
Step 2: start at the top and start tieing your ribbons on in a pattern. Tie them on super close together. Step 3: After they're all tied on go back and trim each ribbon at an angle then burn the edges of all your ribbon.
 Step 4: Put hot glue on the back of your decorative button and glue it on top of where the toe piece is.
Step 5: Enjoy

 These are super easy to make for the average person, and kind of hard if you have RA in your hands. Like I said they took me 2 weeks to make, but it kept me busy, and Muffin LOVES them. That alone makes it worth the struggle for me. Hope you all enjoyed this week's project! I have already started next week's project! Stay tuned!

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